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As TNT Trade Foreign Trade Con. Ind. LLC. we have been serving our customers in many countries around the world. With our vehicle fleet we transport to many countries in Africa, Middle East and especially Europe. Our product range is expanding day by day in beverage, dry packaging services, liquid and dry food, pulses, soft drinks, mineral water, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, iced tea, fruit juice, fruity milk, cooking oils and butter, olive varieties, pickles and sauces, canned food, Textile products, fabric, clothing … Our Company is working with appropriate suppliers and food manufacturers, with our expert team, we handle the products obtained from the qualified people to the address. Our Company has a reliable and reputable name, what drives us to continuously improve ourselves, and according to the revision of the era's needs we aim to carry the right product in the most accurate and fastest way. We provide our customers with high quality and fast logistics. Our comapny’s main goal is to deliver the orders to our customers in the safest way. Due to our quality service, we keep the customers expectations at the highest level and our orders are delivered to you immediately. Providing an efficient logistics services, our modern vision and quality service as a company drive us to provide the most efficient transportation services. Thanks to years of experience without compromising our quality and transportation in many parts of the world we work to ensure that you reach your products in the safest way.
As OMS GROUP GIDA, it is our greatest desire to meet our valuable business partners in our new facility with love and great love. Our biggest goal is to be a model facility in our sector by offerin**strong text**
Samkale is a group company that is located in the biggest industrial city of Gaziantep in Turkey. We have the young and dynamic structure which is the leader on the baby diapers and food products. Now we export our products to all the worlds such as middle-east, all Africa, Asia and some of Europian countries. Our a lot of brands are well-known in the World now. We are also waiting you to make the best decision for your business life and to be the best one in your markets with safely.
FERNAS was founded in 1982, leaving behind 36 years of projects. FERNAS Group of Companies invests in construction, energy, urban natural gas distribution, industry, mining, food and tourism in the Middle East, South Asia, Turkic Republics and Turkey. Following these investments, FERNAS has provided diverse job opportunities. Our Group, which continues its quality services nationally and internationally in every sector, strives to operate with maximum efficiency. Our aim is to further advance the company’s position among other leading companies. Fernas Food Inc, a branch of Fernas Group of Companies, operates in Batman/Turkey since 2014. The company mainly operates on 7.000 decares of orchards, 27.000 m2 of factory area in Batman Industrial Zone producing and storing high quality food products. The production system consists of; Cold Storage Warehouses where mostly fruits and vegetables are stored, Fruit Sorting and Grading, Concentrated Fruit Juice facility, Fruit Juice Facility ,Fruit Orchards and Agricultural Production.
In recent years, increasing environmental problems together with the industrial development when reaches as a threat to human health, people have changed their environment viewpoints. People found in nature the way of moving away from unhealthy environments within the city, the daily stress life and thoughts. People who can not leave the advantages of urban life and their social life have begun to seek the nature near their own. As a result, environmental regulations has gained importance, environmental protection, more rational use and studies to ensure continuity has increased people’s importance given to landscaping works and brought new functions and obligations to this branch. With this awareness and the idea of the work done will be the reference for the next job to be done, with our staff who loves his job and specialized in their profession to our studies in this field, we are working to create healthy ,peaceful and harmonious with nature living places by protecting not only habitable places at the same time functions and values of the environment. We are in service of you with Landscape Projects and Applications, Children's Playgrounds, Park and Garden Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Pool and Waterfall Practices, Irrigation Systems, Periodic maintenance, Construction of sports facilities and equipment.
Our trade life, which had been for many years, turned into a desire to produce in 1979 and today we have become a global beverage company. With our third-generation operated company and our strong distributors in 47 countries, our goal is to deliver healthy and delicious products. We are supplying original flavors with the help of cutting-edge technology to reach millions of people around the world and we promise one thing; “We do not produce products that we will not consume ourselves!“. We are grateful to our team that has been succesfully managing this big operation which is starting with fresh productions everyday and also to our consumers who we owe to become a global company.
Our company, founded in 2017 as Aklar Group, undertakes export-oriented marketing projects. In this regard, it markets world-famous brands and leading brands in Turkey as well as the brands of its production. It exports these products to countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The goal of our company is to bring the local brands born in our country with their own brands to a greater sales volume in the international markets. Over time, it appears to have largely achieved its goal with competitive prices and high-quality brands. The outward look and dynamic nature of our company inspires us to achieve our goals in the future. Our aforementioned international trade takes place with our contacts and foreign partners, which is an important component of our marketing network. We are taking firm steps forward with the strong and mutually beneficial model that we have established with them. On this occasion, we are interested in the success of our domestic producers together with our foreign partners. Because their success is our success.
The Unchanging Flavor of Classic Turkish Coffee from 1952 to the present! The story of Has Kahve starts in 1952 by roasting raw coffee beans carefully and pounding them up in a mortar. The production, which started in a small shop, becomes Konya's known and wanted coffee in a short time. For many years, he continued to pound coffee in his small but nostalgic shop. Roasted coffee, the sound of stone mortar and attractive smell gives off odour to the whole bazaar on certain days. From time to time, fresh coffee is served while pleasant conversations are held in the patiently awaited queues.
Since 2007, SMS KOPUZ Gida continues to grow with its strong financial structure, experienced staff and wide product range. Suppyling basic raw materials needed by the food industry with the principle of high quality, economic solution and continuous supple chain and offers products together to its customers with its powerful solution partners. With the principle of “continuous supply chain”, we continue to deliver raw material needs of major producers with branches of Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Gaziantep and Ankara. SMS KOPUZ Gida focused on sales and marketing activities for many countries of the world for the development of Turkey. Since 2002, Mr. Semsi Kopuz has been serving for food sector as both the President of the Federation of Food and Beverage Industry Associations of Turkey and the Chairman of Sugar Products Manufacturers. At the same time, he is trying to apply the great experiences he has gained in the sector firstly to provide benefits to the sector besides his country.